St Mary the Virgin . Colton . Staffs (image from the Church FB page)


GRADE II* † C13 2-stage tower, chancel, chapel incorporated into C19 church (G.E.Street). An attractive juxtaposition of squat tower and much later elongated expansion. A couple of miles from Rugeley.  52.7813 / -1.9309 / SK047204


A small and crude dial, perhaps (given the C13 origins) an early one. After centuries of erosion of the sandstone, it remains deeply cut. 4(?) lines descending from the style hole. It’s hard to tell the significance of the upward line that cuts deeply through the hole and downwards. This is not an extended noon line, yet obviously it has a purpose – maybe to add emphasis to the main service of the day (the Mass time Nones?). It’s unclear whether the dent in the stone RHS is anything to do with the dial – it doesn’t directly relate to the style hole. Probably unconnected damage.

St Mary the Virgin . Colton . Staffs – scratch dial

GSS Category: Scratch Dial

Photo Credits: Dial by Erika Clarkson; header image from the St Mary Colton FB page HERE

One thought on “COLTON . STAFFS . ST MARY THE VIRGIN – Scratch Dial

  1. You’re welcome. My partner (uninterested in scratch dials) has now accepted my mild obsession and looks out for churches for me !

    Rugeley is not a pretty town but that Chancel was interesting. It’s boarded up but has two tombs in the graveyard dating to 1694/5 which is unusual (I think)

    Normandy sounds fascinating. Why did a church need 14 dials I wonder?

    We’re off to Snowdonia tomorrow so I’ll check a few churches there.

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