Consecration Cross . St Andrew . Minterne . Dorset

Consecration Crosses are related to other non-dial church features and marks that are found on many of the churches with dials. These can be found on other pages and cover Apotropaic (Witch) Marks, Graffiti & Dates, Masons’ Marks, and Stone Patterns. At some stage I will add some explanations and comments about each. Some church exteriors contain other interesting features – for example stoups and piscinae (some moved from the interior) – that I may add in due course.

Consecration Cross . St Martin de Tours . Lillington . Dorset
Consecration Cross . St Nicholas . Nether Compton . Dorset
St Osmond . Melbury Osmond . Dorset – the single large Consecration Cross cut into Ham stone

St Andrew . Holnest . Dorset – Consecration Cross, one of 14 (including several interior crosses)