Consecration Cross . St Andrew . Minterne . Dorset

Consecration Crosses are related to other non-dial church features and marks that are found on many of the churches with dials. These can be found on other pages and cover Apotropaic (Witch) Marks, Graffiti & Dates, Masons’ Marks, and Stone Patterns. At some stage I will add some explanations and comments about each. Some church exteriors contain other interesting features – for example stoups and piscinae (some moved from the interior) – that I may add in due course.

Consecration Cross . St Martin de Tours . Lillington . Dorset
Consecration Cross . St Nicholas . Nether Compton . Dorset
St Osmond . Melbury Osmond . Dorset – the single large Consecration Cross cut into Ham stone

St Andrew . Holnest . Dorset – Consecration Cross, one of 14 (including several interior crosses)

St Mary Magdalene . Barwick . Som – Consecration Cross


10 Consecration Crosses (of 14) ranging from badly eroded to clear cut

BHO Consecration Crosses: fourteen formy crosses in circles placed as follows— external, one on the E., N. and S. walls of the chancel, one on the N. and S. walls of the tower and three on the W. wall; internal, one on the N. and S. walls of the chancel, two on the S. wall of the nave, one on the N. wall of the porch and one on the S. wall of the tower