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This new project is designed to showcase sundials. It will be quite far-reaching in the end, and the MENU bar reveals what will – or may – be covered. The main purpose, however, is to feature the medieval scratch dials of Wessex (C1100 – C1600) and some from further afield. I will intersperse these with sundials in various other categories – old, modern, specific types, sundials abroad, oddities, and so forth. As for design and layout, I’ve chosen a format for the entries that is straightforward and applicable to most of the dials featured.

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SOURCES The page lists books, organisations, websites and similar resources used by me and / or of possible interest to others HERE.

INDICES The page HERE contains drop-down sub-menus of dials by county or country, which will expand incrementally.

IMAGES The images featured are almost all my own. Other images used will be duly credited. Some will be open source, and a credit not always possible. Please ask for use permission. A request will rarely be declined; a sneaky “borrow” will be deplored. If in a moral quandary, just ask.

This site is in its infancy and as I am putting it together I am improving it gradually, or anyway making changes.

EMAIL sundials@gaudiumsubsole.org

Scratch Dial . St Mary Magdalene . Barwick . Som.
Keith Salvesen GSS