St Nicholas. Sandford Orcas. Dorset.

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British Sundial Society (BSS) LINK

Dom Ethelbert Horne (DEH) † Primitive Sun Dials or Scratch Dials 1917. Centered on Somerset

Arthur Robert Green (ARG) † Sundials: Incised Dials or Mass-Clocks. First published 1926; SPCK edition 1978. Centered on Hampshire

Arthur Robert Green (ARG) † Hampshire Field Club paper updating the above entry LINK

T. W. Cole (TWC) † Origin and Use of Church Scratch-Dials (Fourpence) listing c.1300 Churches with dials in Britain (and a few beyond)

T. W. Cole (TWC) † Classification of Church Scratch-Dials (One Penny)

T. W. Cole (TWC) † Scratch-Dials and Medieval Sundials – History and Relation to Scientific Sundials (Fourpence)

Tony Wood (TW) † Mass Dials in Gloucestershire LINK

Margaret Gatty (MG) † The Book of Sun-dials. First published 1872; Digital paperback 2010 CUP

Carolyn Martin (CM) † A Celebration of Cornish Sun Dials – 1994. Centred on Cornwall

Christopher St J H Daniel (CSD) † Sundials. First ed. 1986; reprints; second ed. 2004 – Shire Books

Mark Lennox-Boyd † Sundials: History, Art, People, Science; 2006 – Frances Lincoln

Alexis Brookes, Margaret Stanier † Cambridge Sundials (undated)

Margaret Stanier † Oxford Sundials (2nd Ed. 2004)

Peter Hamilton-Leggatt † A Mass Dial Bibliography LINK

Gordon Le Pard (GLP) † Medieval Sundials Dorset, Dorset Proceedings 119, 1997

E. C .Chancellor (ECC) † Dorset Natural History & Archaeology Society Vol 61 Dec 1939

F. A. B. Ward (FABW) † Time Measurement – Historical Review, Science Museum Part 1 HMSO 1961

GENERAL RESEARCH including online

Royal Commission on Historical Monuments in England (RCHM)

British Listed Buildings (BLB) LINK

Historic England (HE) LINK

British History Online (BHO) † website for RCHME LINK

Ancient Monuments (AM) † Scheduled monuments, linked to HE LINK

Britain Express (BE) † brief articles on British Heritage LINK

Pevsner † Buildings of England (PEV) (volumes by County)

Simon Jenkins † England’s 1000 Best Churches (SJ)

Churches Conservation Trust (CCT) LINK

Friends of Friendless Churches (FFC) LINK

Dorset Building Stone (DBS) † Specifically, studies of building stone, but much else besides LINK

British Sundial Society (BSS) LINK

Peter Hamilton-Leggatt † A Mass Dial Bibliography LINK

‘Sundials on the Internet’ (a sprawling, eclectic sundial omnium gatherum) LINK

Domesday Book online (DB) LINK


Mathew Champion † Medieval Graffiti – Lost Voices of England’s Churches – Ebury Press 2015

Norfolk Medieval Graffiti Survey LINK

Raking Light † Historic graffiti, masons’ marks and ritual protection marks LINK