Scratch dial St Mary the Virgin  Hermitage Dorset (Keith Salvesen)
St Mary the Virgin Hermitage Dorset


This is a completely new site started from scratch and, conveniently, focusing mainly on scratch dials. The  project involves the medieval churches of Wessex, of which there are many. I am a dial amateur so if you are knowledgable, let alone an expert, this is an opportunity to turn aside now before you go any further. I have some experience of winging it in other specialist areas, so I hope the technique will work here.

The primary purpose of the site is to display some of the photographs of dials on the west country churches that I am currently exploring. Some will be from past church visits. If you are dial purist, a stickler for correct terminology or for the forensic details of radial lengths, style hole depths and dial heights, you proceed further at your own risk. You’ll miss some nice photos though…

The overall period under consideration is hard to define, but spans roughly 500 years from c12 to c16. The area covered involves the broad definition of Wessex that extends into Glos. Ox. Hants. and Corn. besides the more traditional counties Wilts. Dor. Som. and Dev.

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My background is in Law and more recently in natural history, mainly birds and marine mammal conservation elsewhere in the world. If one can have an undercurrent of sundial interest, that’s been there since I discovered an Arts and Crafts ‘Liberty’ sundial hidden under a lot of earth in an overgrown pigsty when I was about 10. It had no gnomon. I still have it, gnomon-less. The motto reads:

I mark the passing hour as the shadows come and go

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Keith Salvesen
Keith Salvesen