Upavon . Wilts . St Mary the Virgin

GRADE 1. C11 origins connected to St Wandrille (Normandy). Early C13 and early C15, with C19 restorations. Midway between Amesbury and Marlborough; close to Kennet &Avon canal. 51.2943 / -1.8071 / SU135550

Upavon . Wilts . St Mary the Virgin. Scratch Dial 1


BSS records 4 dials, all on quoin stones of the tower. Two are obvious (1 & 2). The other 2, described as eroded, are much less clear. Quite possibly my ID of at least one of these is incorrect – at the time I only knew of the 2 main dials and didn’t have locations / descriptions of the 2 degraded ones to go on. My photos of 4 don’t quite match up with the BSS record. Comments welcome.


An eroded encircled dial that appears to have been relocated. The lower radials end abruptly, suggesting that one or more originally extended beyond the edge of the stone.


A simple dial with 2 clear-cut radials, possible traces of a couple more. Several pocks in the area, probably not all related to the dial. Style hole in the mortar line.

Upavon . Wilts . St Mary the Virgin . Scratch Dial 2


A dial with a filled style hole and a puzzling orientation. A single clear angled line on eroded soft stone; a less defined rough horizontal line from the centre to the quoin edge. This was perhaps the noon line on the stone, later relocated and rotated 90• anticlockwise.

DIAL 4 (?)

More contentious: if this is a 4th dial, it is in very poor condition. There is the hint of a style hole, with an apparent noon-line and other trace lines. Not totally convincing, I agree.


Two sideways arrows, faint (L) and distinct (R) with other trace lines. Possibly apotropaic marks, or perhaps doodles… or helpful directions to the porch.

GSS CATEGORY: Scratch Dials

All photos: Keith Salvesen

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