POYNTINGTON . DORSET – ALL SAINTS . Scratch Dial (unrecorded)

Poyntington Dorset . All Saints. Scratch Dial .

DEDICATION † ALL SAINTS – C12 nave, C14 main church, C19 restoration / modern chancel


LOCATION † 2 miles N. of Sherborne in a secluded valley beyond Oborne. Fine lynchet systems on the hillsides. A real feel of history here, with a magnificent manor house, tithe barn, former court house, and the church on a slope above the village. 50.9781 / -2.4996 / ST650199

NOTES † Unrecorded dial, relocated and inverted N. porch.

Poyntington Dorset . All Saints. Scratch Dial .

DIAL † No known record of a dial at this church. Checked because local & ‘early’. Approached by path from N., dial visible upper L side of N. porch. Clearly relocated and inverted in the process. 3 clean-cut radials across 2 stones, evenly spaced but differing lengths. Filled style hole. The image of the porch shows the disproportion of this uniform block of relocated stone to the rest of the porch.

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